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10 Scenic Way Sewage Lift Station
San Mateo, CA


10 Scenic Way Sewage Lift Station

10 Scenic Way
San Mateo, CA
Date Completed:
July 2010
■ Myers 4RX recessed impeller pumps, duplex control panel
Simonds’ solution of recessed impeller pumps with a new control panel
eliminatedthe plumbing problems for the condominium, saving time and money for the property owner, property manager and the residents.


Costly Clogging at Condominium Complex

The sewage pumps for a 30 year old condominium complex in San Mateo kept clogging, causing great expense for the property ownersand great exasperation to the property manager. Each time thepumps would clog various plumbing/rooter companies were called topull the pumps, unclog and then reinstall them. Sometimes this would happen three to four times per month.Simonds Machinery Company was called by the propertymanagement company to solve the problem. After a review of theexisting installation, the SMC retrofit team had a number of recommendations.


Change Habits or Change Pumps

Simonds’ team first explained to the property manager that the problems weren’t necessarily the pumps’ fault. It was the type ofitems being flushed down the toilets. Most consumersdon’t realize that the only thing that should beflushed down the toilet is solid or liquid human waste and toilet paper. Paper towels, wetwipes, heavy paper cleaning cloths, condoms, feminine hygiene products,and similar products do not belong inthe toilet. If they could educate thehomeowners and renters in the complexto avoid flushing the wrong items, they couldsolve the problem at no expense.


SMC also furnished a full evaluation of the existing system andrecommended they budget for a retrofit in the next three to fiveyears. Their 30 year old control panel was temperamental. One of thetwo pumps was about six years old, and the second pump had beenrecently rebuilt. Each time the pumps had to be removed fromservice to unclog or repair them it meant that a service man had toclimb into the tank to disconnect the pump. As a sewage tank is a“confined” space, both special safety equipment and training for theservice technicians were required, greatly increasing serviceexpenses a well as down time.


Recommendation: Retrofit, Efficient and Effective

We presented a proposal for a retrofit of their existing system, with F.E. Myers 4RX recessed impeller pumps which cut down on thetendency to clog over a typical solids handling pump. We alsorecommended a quick disconnect slide rail system be installed sothat if service was required the pump could be pulled out within a few minutes with no need to enter the wet well. Included was a newduplex control panel to operate the two pumps and signal a highwater condition.


As part of the process, Simonds Machinery attended one of the monthly homeowner association meetings to discuss the findings,make recommendations and answer any questions the HOA had.Price and installation costs were provided for future planning.


Minimal Downtime Retrofit and No New Clogs

The problems persisted. The residents continued to flush objectswhich clogged the pumps. After roughly six months of the samecontinuing problems, the HOA decided to move forward with theretrofit of their existing lift station. Simonds Machinery performed the retrofit over a four day period with only a few, short periods whenwater and laundry services were shut off.

The new pumping system has been in service for over a year without
a clog.


■ Myers 4RX50 submersible recessedimpeller pumps 5 HP, 1750 RPM,200 V, 3 PH
■ 4” discharge with 3” solids handlingcapability
■ Myers SRA guide rail system
■ Myers Custom Duplex Control Panelwith alternator, elapsed time meters and high water alarm light andaudible buzzer.




Simonds Machinery’s Value
Added Services & Experience Deliver
Significant Savings to Cedar Ridge

Cedar Ridge Housing Development
Arnold, CA


Cedar Ridge Housing DevelopmentLocation:
Cedar Ridge Housing Development
Arnold, CA
Date Completed:
October 2009
■ Simonds Machinery custom pre-built fiberglass packaged lift station
■ F.E. Meyers WGX 15 HP grinder pumps
■ 145 GPM @ 179’ TDH
Without sacrificing performance, Simonds’ solution for equipment and installation—as well as the total cost of ownership—was significantly lower than the contractor’s original proposal.


New Housing Development Requires Heavy Lifting

Contractor, Cedar Ridge Housing Development was in the process of building 90 homes sites off California State Highway 4 near Arnold,California Calaveras Big Trees State Park. Original lift station planscalled for a sewage lift station that could handle 300 GPM @ 160’ TDHwhich required pumps with 50 HP motors and the installation of 6 inch diameter pipe. Initially, two 50 HP motors were needed to handle the high discharge heads. This meant the 300 GPM was at the lowend of the pump’s capacity with a significantly inefficient level on theperformance curve.


Consultation and Recommendation Yields Big Savings

Simonds’ team reviewed the project plans, site location and the actual future sewage load on the proposed lift station. They held meetings with the Cedar Ridge Development Company and the Calaveras County Community Services Water District, who would eventually become owner of the lift station. After this review, Simonds recommended the F.E. Myers WGX 15 HP grinder pumps.


These pumps were sized for 145 GPM @ 179’ TDH. Not only was the 145 GPM flow rate more than enough to handle the sewage load, the 15 HP pump and motor combination was a huge savings when it came to initial and ongoing operating costs. The revised equipment specs eliminated the need for a new 6“ diameter pipeline whichwould have had to run 1800 feet to connect to the sewage treatment plant. They were able to use the existing 4 inch diameter pipe, a savings of time, labor and money.


Jon Ellis, President of Cedar Ridge Housing Development said that he selected the Simonds Machinery fiberglass lift station package for four major reasons: (1) Proven long term track record (2) User recommendations (3) 50 percent cost savings over the alternative and (4) “Simonds is easy to work with.”


Mr. Ellis also said “Simonds Machinery kept me informed throughout
the project and met all critical deadlines.”


SMC Custom Duplex Sewage Lift Station consisting of:
■ Myers WGX 15 HP Grinder pumps
■ 8' diameter x 8' deep Fiberglass basin assembly with slide rail system
■ Separate 4' dia. x 4' deep FRP Valve Box
■ Custom Duplex control panel with SCADA for remote monitoring and activation
All pre-packaged and ready to install


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