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Sewage Pump System

Sewer PumpA Sewer Pump is used for pumping wastewater from a lower to higher elevation. These pumps are designed to pump sewage or backwater to an elevated septic tank or to a city sewer or for homes whose lower bathrooms are at a depth beneath the level of their sewer line.

This is the solution when gravity flow cannot be used due to environmental or grade issues.


pressure booster systems Allows smaller diameter pipe than gravity flow
pressure booster systems Low pressure system
pressure booster systems Internal grinder
pressure booster systems Complete and ready to install


Pressure Sewer pumping may be the perfect solution where:


pressure booster systems The water table is too high to allow proper grade
pressure booster systems Sewage must be moved uphill
pressure booster systems Terrain is flat preventing proper grade
pressure booster systems Excessive cost of piping a long distance

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